Mother's Day Gift Guides

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Every day is mother’s day here at Starling, but next month we get to dedicate a whole day to all of the dazzling mothers in our lives. Mother’s day is all about appreciating the mamas who make life possible and telling them how much they mean to us. 


We hope this gift guide helps you find some special sparkles for the special mothers, mother figures, mamas, moms, grandmas, moms-to-be, and new mamas in your life. And if you go by one of the above names, happy early Mother's day buy yourself a treat - you gosh darn earned it. Cheers & sparkle! 

For New Moms

Our Mama and Mini Diamond Bracelet Set is our keepsake gift for new moms and their minis, with a bit of sparkle for the little one and for Mama. Something special to celebrate the forever bond they will share.  If she prefers florals, but the kind that last, check out our Birth Flower Charm for sentimental flower power that will stay golden all year round. For the new mom who loves everything monogram, our Custom Name Necklace is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of a little one. A golden reminder of baby, she can wear close to her heart every day. If rings are more her style the Mama Diamond Ring is a lovely way to proudly celebrate her new moniker. 


For Grandmothers

For the grandmother who loves sentimental pieces to remind her of family and can be layered in multiples, our Birthstone Charm or Birthstone Baby Ring Charm is a charming way to commemorate any and all babies in her life. If she loves a charm, but prefers monograms to birthstones, the Small Engraved Charms are a wonderful way to give her a personal piece that she can wear every day with a letter for everyone. Or engrave it with a date or a special message just for her! While she surely has rings for the ages, a stunning Pave Ring stack is a sweet addition to any collection. Start with her birthstone and add on at every holiday. 

baby ring birthstone charm birthstone charms stacked on a necklace 

For Moms Remembering a Loss

Moms remembering a loss have been through it this last year, and while you can't replace what has been lost, you can get her something to remind her just how much she is loved. Our Diamond Moon Bracelet is a sure way to add brightness and grounding moon power to her life. For guidance and light during dark days, check out our Compass Charm and North Star Signet, both have a little added sparkle to brighten her day. Our Birthstone Earrings are a graceful way to keep her loved ones close, no matter where they are.

For the Minimalist Mom

While the minimalist mom in your life may be hard to shop for since she just likes to keep things simple, we know exactly what she wants. Our Little Gold Band is minimally designed for maximum golden girl vibes, and pairs perfectly with our Staple Chain Bracelet that will be her staple piece for years to come. For a more personalized gift, our Baby Birthstone Ring Charm is a lovely way to keep her baby close, or you can show how much you appreciate her with our Petite Signet Ring, the perfect dainty addition to any ring stack (that can always be engraved with someone special’s initials).


For Moms Who Love Birthstones

If you’re shopping for a mom who loves her birthstones, you have come to the right place! We love making birthstone pieces because each gem has its own special energy and its own special story. For the birthstone-loving mom who also loves her pave, check out our Pave Ring for a daily dose of shine she’ll never want to take off. Our timeless Birthstone Earrings are the perfect pop of sparkle and pair even more perfectly with our matching Birthstone Charm that can be added to any chain, bracelet, or even hoop earrings! And if you can’t choose just one birthstone for her, our Compass Birthstone Charm is an incredible way to honor all the important births in her life.

 opal birthstone earrings yellow gold pave stacking rings

For the Mom Who Loves to Layer

When one piece is never enough for her, you need a little something extra to add that finishing touch. Our Crystal Pendant will bring her all the positive vibes and manifestation energy she needs, while our Three Star Signet Ring will bring all the bling (and more). No bracelet stack is complete without a classic Custom Engraved ID Bracelet, just as no ring stack is complete without a Pave Ring Thin to add some texture and shine.



For Moms-to-Be

While no gift on this guide could compare to the joys to come for Moms-to-be, our Mama Necklace is a radiant reminder of what is to come. For simple yet elegant pieces that she'll never want to take off, our Classic Small Gold Hoops and Baguette Ring are our favorites. And finally, remind her just how much you love her with our To The Moon And Back Bracelet Set.


ruby baguette birthstone ring mama necklace mother's day gold classic little hoops gold
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