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3 One-of-a-kind Pear Shaped Rose Cut Diamond Necklaces. This necklace features a sparkling pear shaped rose cut diamond in a 14k yellow gold bezel setting. Rose cut diamonds have a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Their characteristic flat bottom and domed top with triangular facets, resemble the petal of a rose. This gives them a distinctive vintage charm and soft romantic appeal. With a shallow depth and large surface area they also reflect light in a range of colors. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, often symbolizing love and prosperity and are the birthstone of April.

The perfect sentimental Mother's Day gift!

Necklace is extendable and can be worn at 16in, 17in or 18in long.


Diamond Setting: 9.5-10mm L x 7-7.5mm W x 2.4-2.6mm D.
Extendable Cable Chain Length can be worn at 16in, 17in or 18in.


3 One-Of-A-Kind Pear Shaped Rose Cut Diamonds:
0.83ct Diamond
0.93ct Diamond
1.07ct Diamond


1.7-2g 14k Yellow Gold.


While diamonds are one of the strongest, hardest materials on earth, if they are not cared for, they are still susceptible to the damage of everyday wear. However, it is not usually the stone that’s in immediate danger – it’s often the diamond’s setting. But, even a diamond can lose some of its gorgeous shine if it’s not regularly cleaned.


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We are proud to say all of our jewelry is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. Every little detail is done by hand, from refining old gold pieces, reclaiming diamonds, sketching, creating 3D CADs, printing wax models, making molds, lost wax casting with our recycled 14k gold, tumbling the metal casting, sanding, soldering, polishing, setting, engraving and finishing. Each piece is handled with care as it arrives to you, including folding every box, tying every ribbon, and shipping with services we trust.
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