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Imperial Topaz Oval Necklace

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The one of a kind Imperial Topaz Oval Necklace features a 4.72ct Imperial Topaz bezel set on a large 14k staple chain. This spectacular necklace is perfect for summer stacking, and would make for a great present for any November birthday.

The highly prized Imperial Topaz from Brazil is one of our most popular gemstones. Topaz is a birthstone of November, a symbol of strength and honor, and is believed to bring longevity and wisdom. May this ring bring you all the strength, longevity, and wisdom you need.

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4.72ct Bezel Set Topaz on Staple Chain


14k Yellow Gold


Please use extra caution with Emeralds, Pearls, Opals, Turquoise, Lapis and Malachite. These stones are more sensitive to heat, chemicals and break easier. Remove when in extreme heat, avoid harsh chemicals and chlorine or doing strenuous activities. This jewelry is best to put on after you are done showering and getting ready!


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We are proud to say all of our jewelry is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. Every little detail is done by hand, from refining old gold pieces, reclaiming diamonds, sketching, creating 3D CADs, printing wax models, making molds, lost wax casting with our recycled 14k gold, tumbling the metal casting, sanding, soldering, polishing, setting, engraving and finishing. Each piece is handled with care as it arrives to you, including folding every box, tying every ribbon, and shipping with services we trust.
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