Guide to Romantic Jewelry

Guide to Romantic Jewelry

There’s no doubt about it– jewelry goes hand in hand with romance. Gifts of gems and gold have been shared between lovers for milenia. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many may be wondering what the most romantic jewelry is to give as a gift. There’s a million options out there and finding the right gift isn’t easy. The thing is, we don’t want ooey-gooey-mushy-gushy just for the sake of it. In both love and jewelry, we want something profound and special, unique and real. If you are buying someone jewelry, why not make it a true token of love? Check out Team Starling’s top picks for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Jewelry

Whether you love it or hate it, heart shaped pieces are an ever popular choice. But not all heart jewelry is the same. Take our Signature Heart Charm, for example. A vintage inspired, substantial piece that can be customized with a name, a quote, and even real handwriting. Another option: our Mini Heart Earrings, a mismatched  pair of hand drawn hearts by Chelsey.

Gold Signature Heart Charm Gold Heart Charm Necklace

Signature Heart Charm - Available in Gold or Silver 

Mini Heart Stud Earrings Mini Heart Stud Earrings

 Mini Heart Stud Earrings


Effortlessly ethereal, pearls are a tried and true bead adored by the masses. For an elegant look, we recommend our Pearl Drop Earrings. As well, we love adding a dainty touch of these shimmery strands to just about every outfit, making each day a little more special with the Mini Pearl Necklace.

Pearl Drop Earring Drop Pearl Earring

Pearl Drop Earrings 

Mini Pearl Necklace

Mini Pearl Necklace

Mini Pearl Necklace

Forever Fresh Flowers

Not all flowers have to die– in fact some of them can just be gold. Pick their favorite flower that they can wear forever, with our Flower Charms. For an extra sentimental touch, you can add an engraving to the back.

Birth Flower Ring Flower Signet Ring

Birth Flower Signet Ring - This one is October, Marigold 


Magnolia Flower Charm Magnolia Flower Charm

 Magnolia Flower Charm

Rubies are for Romance

Red, fiery, deep love. That’s what rubies are believed to represent, and we love how the pop of red dances on the skin.  

Ruby Mini Bead Necklace Ruby Necklaces

Ruby Mini Beaded Necklace

Ruby Baguette Ring Stack Ruby Baguette Ring

Ruby Baguette Ring


We hope some of these ideas inspire a little romance!

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