Transparency and Pricing

Transparency and Pricing


At Starling, we have always focused on transparency - in pricing, in materials, in processes. It was one of the most important values I wanted to uphold when I started this business and that continues to this day. I wanted to let you know that our prices on most items will increase on June 1st.

The cost of materials and handmade metalsmithing in Los Angeles on most Starling pieces has increased in the last year and we need to update our pricing to ensure we continue to compensate our jewelers fairly and support our small team.

In the spirit of transparency, here is the true cost breakdown of our popular Thin Pavé Ring as it will be priced starting June 1st:

Every piece you buy from Starling -- for loved ones, for little ones, for friends, for you -- holds not just the meaning of the gift and the story behind it, but the mindful sourcing of the materials and craftsmanship as well.

If you’ve had your eye on something special, purchase it this week at current prices.

Thank you for continuing to be a constant source of joy and inspiration for the entire Starling team.

Seeing you all loving and wearing Starling is our why. 

- Chelsey


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