Starling x Tori Praver Tea Ceremony

Starling x Tori Praver Tea Ceremony

Just days before the New Moon, we gathered with Tori Praver and some of her closest friends, to celebrate the new collaboration of Moon and Star Rings with a tea ceremony lead by Shiva Rose


Guests were welcomed into Tori’s home and greeted with a bounty of fruit and veggies carefully and beautifully crafted by our friend and food stylist Aliza Sokolow, as well as moon and star cookies by Lauren Lowstan of A Sweet Savory. 


After some catching up and trying on jewelry, we gathered for the tea ceremony led by Shiva Rose, meditative practice around drinking several cups of live tea, leading you to be both more calm and more awake.  

We circled up, and Shiva explained that the new moon is all about birthing new ideas, so what a perfect time for us to be releasing this new collection. Shiva noted the power that is created when a group of women sit together, particularly in the shape of a circle, and we all felt that power as we set our intentions, drank tea, and welcomed the Tori Praver x Starling collection into the world. 

In Tori's words "it felt so good to gather in a circle with amazing women and just be. Sometimes you forget to be present and live in the moment and soak up the goodness in front of you. We don't do it enough." 

You can learn more about Shiva Rose and her tea ceremony practices on her blog The Local Rose.  As Shiva imparted we can all do our own tea ceremonies at home, and it can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as sitting down quietly to mindfully sip on tea, even if only for 5 minutes. 


Thank you to Tori for hosting us in her home, Aliza and Lauren for the amazing food, and Shiva Rose for guiding us through such a beautiful ceremony.



Photos by Julie Jordan

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