Tips For Storing Your Jewelry

Tips For Storing Your Jewelry

How you store your jewelry is an important part of maintaining each piece's care and longevity.

 Here are some of our favorite products for storing jewelry and where to buy them!


Jewelry Stands


Hang frequently worn necklaces and bracelets! This keeps them from getting tangled.

 Shop our favorite jewelry stands: 

Tosca Jewelry Display

Afternoon Light




Metal Jewelry Dish


Minimalist Jewelry Stand



Jewelry Dishes

Taking rings off at night is a must! Although I keep most of my earrings in, I have a couple in my first hole I rotate so I like to keep all of these pieces out and easy to grab in the morning! - Chelsey
Shop our favorite jewelry dishes:


Soy Sauce Dish (They make for great bedside jewelry holders!)

MTC Kitchen

Ceramic Jewelry Catchall


La Maison Inondee Bowl

MoMa Design Store


Jewelry Boxes

Boxes ensure that your jewelry is kept away from direct sunlight, dust and too much moisture (and they're great accessories for your vanity or dresser!) Make sure the inside of the box is lined with a soft material like velvet, or keep your pieces in velvet bags or the boxes they came in. 


Shop our favorite jewelry boxes:

Luxury Jewelry Box


Travel Jewelry Case


Wood Valet Box

Mikutowski Woodworking


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