Starling Darling: Meryl Davis

Starling Darling: Meryl Davis



Meryl Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating, and new author, sat down to chat with us about jewelry and her new book, "Moon Walk." Read on for more. 

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What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes? 

- To me, a "keepsake" is a special piece that reminds me of a precious time, place, person or sentiment. I don't have a lot of jewelry, but most of my pieces are cherished gifts from friends or family. One of my favorite pieces I own is my great grandmother's cross that my dad's mother passed onto me a few years ago. 

What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box? Or top three if you really can’t pick just one! Tell us about when you got it.

- I'd have to say my favorite piece is my engagement ring. I had spotted a ring I loved in a storefront in Greece while we were vacationing there and, I didn't know it at the time, but my husband began designing a ring with a jeweler friend inspired by that ring upon our return home. The piece is really unique with a cushion cut, vivid yellow diamond set in rose gold. I love the piece but it's all the more special because my husband put so much thought and care into creating it for me.

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Do you wear any jewelry pieces while competing? The same ones? Is there any meaning behind them? 

- The one piece I never took off while I was competing was a diamond and topaz ring my parents had gifted to me for my 16th birthday. The piece is special to me, of course, but I was also very superstitious about always keeping it on the middle finger of my left hand. Something about having the piece on grounded me and reminded me of what was really important in some of my more stressful moments on the ice. 

Tell us a little bit about your new book, “Moon Walk,” and how your relationships with your parents inspired the book?

- "Moon Walk" is essentially a message from parent to child and is meant to act as a catalyst for open and honest conversations between parents and their children. In the spring of 2020, I spent a lot of time thinking about the difficult conversations and topics parents were working to broach with their kids. While we cannot possibly prepare young people for each and every challenge that might come their way, we can let them know they don't need to go it alone. Whether on the ice or off, I've always been so fortunate to have my mom and dad's love and support. I think it's important to invest in that trust early on so that children know they have someone to turn to no matter what. 

I love the name “Moon Walk.” How did you decide on the name?

- Thank you! Growing up in Michigan, my family and I spent a lot of time "up north," or in the northern part of the state. Away from the city lights, my parents would take my brother and me out at night to look at the stars through the clear night sky. After realizing that that special time facilitated open communication and the opportunity to connect and talk about whatever was on our minds, they embraced the tradition of "moon walks" as we continued to grow. These nighttime walks under the stars became a very special time for our family to quiet the noise of everyday life and just connect from time to time. That tradition and the role it played in our family is what really inspired the story of "Moon Walk."
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Do you have any jewelry superstitions or rituals?

- I was very superstitious about jewelry while I was competing. My mom and I would often pick some costume jewelry ahead of the competitive season to match my skating costume and, especially if I skated well in it that first time, I wore it each time I competed throughout the course of that season. 

Tell us the story of getting your ears pierced!

- Ha!! Like countless other kids growing up in the 90s, I made a very exciting trip to the Claire's at my local mall with my mom and some friends. I distinctly remember having a very hard time picking out the studs with which they were going to pierce my ears because they said I couldn't change them for a whole month... it felt like a VERY big decision to commit to just one pair for a whole month when a whole new world of earring options had just opened up to me. 

What’s your favorite Starling design?

- My favorite Starling design is the Diamond Bead Set ring in rose gold. The piece feels like an updated classic and can be styled up or down depending on the day. It's elegant when worn on its own and funky when eclectically mixed with other pieces. 


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