International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, and even through we celebrate women every day, we want to take time to celebrate the women that our team is inspired by. So here's to strong women across the planet who bring light and peace and strength to all of our lives. You all inspire us to grow, motivate us to do better and be better, and empower us to persevere today, and everyday. 

"I am inspired by my sister especially this year. In 2019 she had a really hard year, but she rose from the ashes. Then 2020 hit all of us like a ton of bricks and she wavered but did not break. This year she is taking action, making hard decisions and I'm so proud of her. I'm also so inspired by my daughter's nanny Rosibel, who brings so much joy to our lives. She always has the biggest smile and is so creative and loving. And everyday I see her, reminds me just through her positive attitude to also be positive, because it is the best way to take on the day!"

- Chelsey, Founder & CEO 

"I’m inspired by the woman musicians, artists, and writers who had to fight so hard to work within the industry of their craft. My favorite book is by Viv Albertine who was the first female punk guitarist. She wrote an autobiography about it all happening in the U.K. during the 70s that I’ve read countless times. I recently watched the United States vs. Billie Holiday and was inspired by Billie in everything she did. She was a voice for those who weren’t being heard, seen, respected, or cared for. She was the only jazz singer who would sing Strange Fruit, a song about lynching in the South, and was severely punished for this by the men in the music industry and the FBI and government. She was arrested on her death bed. I am inspired by the artists who fight for their passions and crafts, who led the way for all of us to have the freedom to work in the industry we do."

- Elise, Operations & Manufacturing Manager 

"I’m inspired by all of my friends who are working moms and have managed to juggle it all, especially during a pandemic. As women, we often need to balance our jobs along with being a partner, a caregiver, a friend, and still squeezing in some personal time. A big shout out to my friends who do it all (and more) with grace and strength."

- Elanah, Marketing Manager

"I have been most impressed by and inspired by the women in my immediate circle this year. Mothers, non-Moms, the stay at homes, the working full timers, the CEO’s, the entrepreneurs…we’ve all had to drastically adjust how we’ve been moving through the world and some as we know have left careers to become virtual teachers, full time caretakers or have lost work during this year altogether — and each one has done it in stride and managed to find optimism along the way. Not only that but have continued to do what women do and that is uplift each other along the way. My group chats with college friends has kept my sanity in check and I’m so grateful to have those connections, near and far."

- Nicci, Social Media Manager

"'Make sure to wear shoes ladies, there’s glass everywhere.' Vice President Harris inspires me. For the first time in the entire history of our country, there is a woman — also the first Black person, first South Asian person, and first bi-racial person — in the executive office. Growing up in the DC area, I attended most of the inaugurations, that were obviously all for men. I did not realize how powerful it would be to see a woman on the steps of the Capitol taking the oath of office until it happened, and suddenly came the feeling that sky was the limit. We forget how much representation matters until suddenly we find ourselves represented in the highest office in the land and the world seems a little brighter. That being said, the fight for all of our representation is far from over. We have many more ceilings to break, especially this one reallyyy important one that covers the Oval Office."

- Bryn, Community Manager

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