Trending: Coastal Grandmother Jewelry

Trending: Coastal Grandmother Jewelry

Coastal Grandmother Style - A trend we are absolutely loving! We just had to introduce Coastal Grandmother Jewelry!


What is Coastal Grandmother?


Throughout her extensive career, Nancy Meyers has created countless cozy, romantic, and enviable moments in her films. From impeccably styled homes to monochromatic outfit magic, her influence has been noted as the inspiration of a new trend coined on TikTok by @lexnicoleta, aptly named “coastal grandmother.” The trend is interesting in that it isn’t “trendy,” per say. The coastal grandmother vibe circulates around classics, minimalism, and comfort. It’s smart, but relaxed. Minimal, but personal. Soft but so, so strong.

When we ruminate on the coastal grandmother aesthetic, we’re transported. We smell the salty air of the ocean, feel a breeze whoosh through linen clothing, and sink into the dream of living life like a movie. Besides her influence on interior design and clothing, we noticed some key pieces of jewelry present in many of Meyers’ movies as well. Who could forget when, in The Parent Trap, Hallie pierced Annie's ears at camp with a sewing needle and an ice cube. Talk about a memorable moment in jewelry film history! Read on to see some of the best jewelry looks throughout the NMCU (Nancy Meyers Cinematic Universe) and shop some of our top picks fit for a coastal grandmother and those aspiring to be one.

Top 5 Coastal Grandmother Jewelry Picks:

1) Pearls - Starling Pick: Pearl Charms

We spotted pearls in basically every one of Meyers films. This little charm is perfect for adding to your necklace or a Baby Hoop Earring.

pearl charm earring
pearl earrings featured on Natasha Richardson in The Parent Trap



2) Gold Hoops - Starling Pick: Flat Large Hoops

A pair of gold hoops perfectly encapsulate the coastal grandmother blend of style and ease. We love these Large Gold Flat Hoops.


classic small gold hoops gold hoop earrings on Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back


3) Classic Charm - Starling Pick: Flower Charm

Elegant and effortless, this oval Flower Charm features a delicate floral design inspired by vintage drawings. Pendants can be spotted throughout the NMCU as an anchoring piece for our protagonists.


gold birth flower charms large gold charm necklace on Cameron Diaz in The Holiday


4) Stack of Plain Gold Bands - Starling Pick: Classic Wide Gold Band

A staple that never goes out of style, a wide gold band can be worn alone or stacked with other rings.


classic wide gold band rings wide gold band rings on Meryl Streep in It's Complicated



5) Delicate Gold Chain - Starling Pick: Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Diane Lane's wardrobe in the cozy classic Nights in Rodanthe is just as delicate and feminine as her hair is choppy. We love this look where she's slung a large paisley scarf around her shoulders with a dainty gold chain


Diamond Solitaire Gold Chain Necklace Delicate gold chain on Diane Lane in Nights in Rodanthe


HONORABLE MENTION: Engraved Signet Ring, Staple Chain Necklace and Bracelet, Classic Small Gold Hoops

Now excuse us as we put on some turtlenecks, grab a glass of white wine, and put on the coziest of movie marathons.



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