Chatting Jewelry with Larissa Mills

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’ve seen Larissa and her daughter Ella’s incredible outfit breakdowns. We caught up with the most stylish mom we know to chat all things jewelry.

What is a jewelry rule you live by?

I don’t have any hard and fast rules but I do tend to stay with pieces that look like they have been handed down from generations past. While I incorporate some trends in jewelry I tend to stick to the classics.


What’s your favorite Starling piece?

My bespoke ring! The color and cut of the stone (very old world), the chunky gold around it. It makes a statement while also being quietly luxe…. My favorite combo.


Which piece of jewelry of yours does Ella covet the most?

She coveted my Cartier panther watch that I purchased with my first big work bonus and I gifted it to her upon high school graduation.


Tell us a story about a family heirloom piece that you love.

That’s hard! I have a few, including my great great grandmother’s wedding band but I do love the fact that my mother bought her first Cartier tank watch with her first work bonus and gave it to me for my high school graduation and now I am continuing that tradition with Ella.


We heard your engagement ring is a green tourmaline (one of our favs and we love a colored engagement ring!!) such a unique stone. We’d love to hear the story of how you/your husband picked that for your engagement ring!

This is a story of making lemonade out of lemons! My original engagement ring was a cushion cut diamond center with two sapphire trillions on either side set in platinum… and it was stolen. I didn’t even want to replace it but my husband said he wanted me to have a ring so I decided to design my own. I didn’t want to replicate the old ring because it would be too upsetting so I did something totally different. I melted down some old gold jewelry that had small diamonds (which I used in the band). I knew I wanted a 3 stone ring again but with a colored center stone. My birthstone is peridot but I’m not a big fan of that color so I went with a more moody and richly pigmented tourmaline and of course, cushion cut diamonds on either side because cushion (or mine cut as my grandmother used to call it) is my favorite. While it is less sparkly, it just looks richer and more “lived in” which suits my overall style to a T.

Thanks Larissa!

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