An Actually Cool, Non-Cheesy Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 2021

An Actually Cool, Non-Cheesy Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 2021


No cliché gifts here— this year we are treating the ones we love, and ourselves, to things we really want and will actually use in these different times. P.S Self love is the best love.


When you think of Valentine’s Day, it may be filled with corny elementary school cards, cringey crowded dinner dates, and chalky candy. But hopefully there are also sweet memorable times, full of warm fuzzies and butterflies. No matter your situation, 2021 is different, and that means the holiday is going to be a shift from the usual (maybe for the best). Here at Starling, we love, love and making pieces in honor of love and Valentine’s Day. Most of all we love hearing the stories about the special gifts you got for yourself, sent someone, or received.


We have picked out some of our favorite Starling pieces for love month, and brainstormed some other things on our wishlists. Whether your valentine is your partner, a family member, your bff, your pet, or yourself, these gifts are definitely going to bring joy to whomever you are treating this year.


From gold and diamond bobbles to other shippable delights, these gifts just make sense in 2021. So, for your gifting consideration, here are the top picks from team Starling for this years Valentine’s Day.  

The one for you, and one for me: our favorite way to gift.

A bracelet set is perfect for sharing with yourself and a loved one that is near or far. Our favorite sets for love month: Heart Bracelet Set, To The Moon & Back Bracelet Set & Ruby Mother Daughter Set (can also be friends or lovers). 

Heart Bracelet Set Moon and Star Bracelet Set  Ruby Bracelet Set Gifts


Diamonds are forever ever.

It’s always a good time to gift diamonds. Our diamond Valentine's day gift picks are: Diamond Evil Eye Earring(s), Diamond Pave Ring & Mini Diamond Pave Hoops. 

Evil Eye Earrings Diamond Pave Ring Mini Diamond Pave Huggie Hoops 


Looking through the rose tinted glasses.

We couldn’t think about Valentine’s Day without adding a little bit of pink and red <3 Our picks: Pink Sapphire Pave Ring, Topaz Large Stacking Ring & Ruby Baguette Ring. 



Small tokens of love.

Charms are personal reminders made just for you. Our picks: Baby Ring Birthstone Charm, Small Engraved Charm & a Diamond Star. 




5 (errr 6) other gifts we'd love to receive too:

  1. Winc Box, for the person who’s been working on their sommelier skills since lock down, a shipment of wine is the perfect present.


  1. Art books since we can’t venture out to museums or travel, like Exploring the World in Bloom or Stone.


  1. Plants, because flowers are sweet but since we are all at home might as well up our plant mom game. Bloomscape and The Sil are two favorite plant shops.


  1. Massage candles from DedCool, these candles not only smell amazing but can be used as massage oil, which makes it luxurious & cheeky.


  1. We're Not Really Strangers Card Set, get to know your valentine better with this card set, which is perfect for a facetime date or a night of self reflection.


  1. Chocolate - can't skip a classic! Not many can turn down chocolate, especially once you have had the delights of LA local Valerie Confectioners. Treat yourself or your loved one, and if you need our address ;) email: 



    Lot’s of love from all of us here at Starling! And make sure to let us know if you try out any of our picks :) xx

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