Sustainability in Jewelry with SCS Global Services

Sustainability in Jewelry with SCS Global Services


We are excited to announce that Starling is in the process of receiving our Certified Sustainable Metals and Certified Recycled Diamonds Certificate.

What does this mean and what can you expect from us in this process?

We are committed to sustainable practices and over the last year have been engaged in an ongoing audit of our business -- from where we source our gold and stones to how we recycle heirloom pieces and beyond -- to ensure that we meet the highest possible standards in jewelry. 

There’s a lot of misinformation in the marketplace and a lot of brands claiming their products and process are sustainable when they are not.

Our lead auditor at SCS shared with us three things that are most important for consumers to know about anyone making claims of sustainable products and practices:

  • Who is making the claim? If it’s the brand making the claim alone, it cannot be trusted.


  • Are they certified by a third party?


  • What are the standards by which they are certified?



      While we move through this certification process and work to improve our existing processes, this is what you can can count us from us and what sustainability means for Starling:

      *100% recycled yellow gold

      *70% recycled rose and white gold

      *50% recycled diamonds

      *Keeping our use of plastic and waste to a minimum

      *Making our pieces by hand in California & paying fair wages

      *Sourcing reclaimed stones and metals whenever possible


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