Starling x Larissa Mills

Introducing Starling x Mills! A colorful, vintage inspired ring designed by Larissa Mills for Starling Jewelry. Featuring three unexpected colored stone combinations in solid 14k yellow gold using natural gemstones, certified 100% post-consumer gold and handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Together Larissa and Starling chose unique and whimsical colored stones, pairing Morganite & Teal Tourmaline, Aquamarine & Peridot, and Blue Topaz & Teal Tourmaline. The setting is thoughtfully designed to replicate Larissa’s own engagement ring that she designed with three equally sized cushion cut stones, the center bezel set and the side stones set with five prongs all on the same plane. This delightful ring is meant for all occasions. We love it as an engagement ring, pinky ring and even stacking the colorful stones! 



Can you tell us the story about how the design of your Engagement Ring came to be?

My original engagement ring was stolen. It was a classic diamond center stone ring flanked by two trillion cut sapphires. It was classic and stunning but after it was stolen, I didn’t want to replicate or have the new ring even resemble the original setting, as it felt like it would be a sad reminder. I was in my mid 40’s at this point and I wanted a ring that was timeless, while also being modern. I wanted a less formal design but I wanted to use stones/diamonds that were cut in the old world style, cushion, or mine cut as my grandmother used to call it. Cushion cut has a depth to it. It is typically less sparkly than the modern way of cutting diamonds but that’s part of what I love about them. I chose a center stone that had a color I’d never tire of and two cushion cut diamonds on either side. 

What was your inspiration for the Starling x Larissa Ring?

When Ella and I started posting videos, she would prompt about where my engagement ring came from and I’d say “I designed it.” People immediately started dm’ing us about where they could get a ring like it or if I could design one for them. The requests kept coming, including asks for close up pictures of the ring so they could replicate on their own. I had a lot of young couples inquiring as well, but their budgets were limited and I thought, I wish I could create a ring that was similar to mine with a much more reasonable price point and had a bit more color/fun/whimsy and flexibility to be worn as both an engagement ring but also stacked or worn as a beautiful cocktail ring. When I met the creatives at Starling, it didn’t take long for the idea of collaborating to come to pass. It was a perfect fit and they’ve executed the vision I had for these rings perfectly. 

How did you choose the gemstone colors?

The colors were inspired by fashion and art color combinations I love. I had a mood board filled with runway looks/street style but all with color. Clear blue taffeta with rich french blue cashmere, an old vintage Chanel poster with bright clear green and hints of pale aqua, etc.  I love color and jewelry is such a fabulous way to incorporate it into any look.


What’s your favorite way to style the rings?

I love these rings as engagement rings for sure. They are each, individually, so stunningly beautiful and well crafted and unique. I also love them stacked as an outrageous pinkie ring look but will also be mixing gold bands of different widths with the rings on different fingers as well. So many options!

What is your favorite thing about jewelry and personal style?

What I love about jewelry is that it is something you can mix and match and experiment with depending on your mood, the moment, the event. But it’s also something that can become an enduring statement about you when worn consistently. There is a confidence in knowing what you love and sticking with it. And when it is a piece of lasting value, like these rings, it is something to be passed down for generations to style in new and brilliant ways.

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Photographer: Larissa Bazile

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