Sentimental & Meaningful Condolence Gifts

Sentimental & Meaningful Condolence Gifts


It’s hard to find the right words when someone you love loses a person they love.

Sending a condolence gift can be difficult at times, especially when nothing seems to compare to the immense pain of losing someone. Instead of (or in addition to) sending flowers, a special way to pay tribute to a lost loved one is with a piece of personalized jewelry that commemorates them. Somebody grieving might not think to get this for themself, making it incredibly meaningful to give them an heirloom piece they can wear everyday to remind them of their person. Whether it be their birthstone, birth flower, or an engraving their initials.

Let us help you choose the right gift. Below, we have three charms that make meaningful sympathy gifts. And remember, there is not a timeline for grieving– these gifts can be given for a recent loss or to commemorate a loved one who passed years ago. Either way, these personalized sympathy gifts are moving and sentimental, and sure to show your love.

The Birth Flower Charm

Like gemstones, there are designated flowers that represent each month of the year. Our Birth Flower Charm is shaped like a vintage charm with a delicate relief carving of a flower. Choose the birth flower of your recipient’s lost loved one, so they can hold them close to their heart. You can also add engraving to this charm for an extra personal touch.

Woman wearing layered necklaces, featuring Starling Jewelry's Birth Flower Charm December Birth Flower Charm in Yellow Gold

The Birthstone Compass Charm

To symbolize the recipient and their loved one together, choose the Birthstone Compass Charm. There is an option for three stones or four stones, representing North, East, West, and South. Select the birthstones to represent their bond. A beautiful reminder that their loved one is always with them, guiding them.


Birthstone 4 Star Compass Charm in Yellow Gold on a Chain Woman wearing Birthstone Compass Charm Necklace


The Engraved Round Charm

Another way to commemorate a loved one who has passed is with their initials. Our Engraved Round Charm offers the option of engraving up to 5 characters, perfect for initials or even a word that is meaningful to the recipient. The simple round charm can be worn in many ways and added to just about any necklace.


Woman wearing layered necklaces with engraved round charms Yellow Gold Engraved Round Charm on a Chain

 Experiencing a loss is something we all go through at some point, and is a difficult time for everyone. No matter what you choose, picking out a piece of jewelry to memorialize someone is an incredibly meaningful and thoughtful gesture that we’re sure will offer comfort.

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