Dr. Deepika Chopra | The Optimism Doctor Is In!

Dr. Deepika Chopra | The Optimism Doctor Is In!



Dr. Deepika Chopra is truly one of a kind-- Have you ever met an Optimism Doctor before?! In her work, she focuses on life coaching, manifestation, and the power in staying optimistic. Deepika was kind enough to welcome us into her home, chat all things jewelry, and give us insight into her newest project, the Things Are Looking Up Card Deck. Make sure to follow her on IG @drdeepikachopra, where she posts daily inspirations and funny moments from her life (including her adorable son, Jag)! 

What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes?  

For someone like me, who treasures tradition and sentiment greatly, keepsakes are kind of my thing… I am not someone who accessorizes often… I think it’s partly due to how sentimental I am, maybe because I am a bit lazy and possibly because I love ritual and routine and am not so quick to change things up too often…I am all about the keepsakes! A keepsake to me is an object that has sentimental value, something that I keep around to positively remind me of someone, some place, a feeling, a specific time etc… I am a sucker for nostalgia and so all the jewelry pieces I wear are actually keepsakes. I wear a mangalsutra which is a sacred necklace given to an Indian bride by her husband at the wedding ceremony, it translates to sacred or auspicious thread, I have never ever taken it off since my husband who is not Indian secured it around my neck 4.5 years ago. I wear it to sleep, in the shower… I even managed to keep it around my neck during my hospital stay when my son was born. My husband designed this one himself and kept the traditional gold/ black beads which ward off bad vibes and added some pretty modern and spectacular diamonds. I absolutely love and cherish it.


What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box?

Top 3 for sure: my mangalsutra, my Om pendant that my mum gave to me when I graduated high school (also never take this off) and the gold and diamond letter bracelet that spells out my son, JAG’s name that I wear on my left wrist (also never take off) I love Indian gold. It is a warm gold that is almost rose gold, it makes me so happy and brings up so many memories of childhood


Any favorite antique pieces?

  • My grandma gave me her Indian grandmother’s (my great great grandmother’s) bracelet – it was something I always treasured and hoped to keep in my family forever, unfortunately we had a break in a few years back and amongst so much, this piece was taken. I still think of it often. Not that I condone ivory jewelry at all, it was a piece passed down for many generations and was an ivory bracelet with small rubies, diamonds and emeralds and two gold carved elephants. 


What jewelry have you bought recently?

  • I have been really into purchasing fun earrings, I have been loving starling but also more chunky costume-ish pieces. I am also about to purchase a starling anklet! 

What are your everyday pieces of jewelry?

I always wear the same jewelry every single day and the truth is, I never take any of these pieces off… even when I am maybe going to wear a more fun piece or bigger piece for a special occasion… I wear my mangalsutra, Om pendant, a gold chain that my parents gave to my son when he was born, the most gorgeous gold J pendant from Celine that my husband just gifted me for Christmas, 4 bracelets and my wedding ring, which is a very simple, thin gold band… a few times a week I wear my engagement ring and beautiful eternity band my husband gave me for our 1st wedding anniversary.


Any jewelry superstitions or rituals?

The superstitious ritual is that I never take any of my keepsake necklaces off. Ever. 


First jewelry memory?

This is definitely not the first but, I do remember that once while I was in India, I must have been 9 or so and I met one of my aunts for the first time, she was wearing this gorgeous small gold and emerald ring and I just loved it and she took it right off her finger and gave it to me. I treasured it for so long.


Tell us the story of getting your ears pierced.

I don’t remember it, I must have been younger than 1…. In the Indian culture girls get their ears pierced super young and to be honest, I am so glad because I think if I had to do it as an adult or even a young teen I wouldn’t have because the whole ordeal kinda freaks me out! 



How many jewelry boxes do you own?

0. It’s part of my new years resolution or intention to have more of an organized, mindful place to keep my beloved keepsakes. I have a few jewelry ceramic dishes around the house that I like to keep my rings in. 


Favorite Starling design?

I  love so many of the Starling designs, I am crazy about the mother /daughter matching bracelets… maybe I will have a daughter some day and if so, definitely will be purchasing those! I love the celestial pieces, the moon/ stars and the evil eye pendants, I love the dainty anklets and letter signet rings. I also loved being a part of the Vote Your Change campaign and wearing the Checkmark earring.



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