Daphne Bridgerton Jewelry Style

Daphne Bridgerton's Delicate Jewelry Style



This season's incomparable, a diamond of the first water:


Having watched Bridgerton a few times (or nonstop for several weeks... same difference), we feel confident in our ability to share a few dainty jewels that live up to the Daphne's dreamy aesthetic. It did not slip our keen jewelry eye, that balancing out all of the decadence was a few simple and subtle everyday jewelry looks. 

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Mainly highlighted in Daphne's collar bone gracing necklace. A delicate chain and simple hanging charm dancing on her neck. It's so perfect with the open neckline, we are currently shopping boat neck tops. For the necklace though, we have you covered.

Up first: The Birthstone Charm on a 14in chain, will create this look exactly. Watching Bridgerton, we thought wowza, that could be a Starling necklace! It is not... but we love how similar it looks. Sitting so elegantly between your collar bones, 14in is a perfect choker necklace length for most, but for some 16in might fit better. If you want extreme Regency Era vibes we suggest the Garnet Charm or Aquamarine Charm, two of the more popular stones of the time that certainly Daphne would have eyed too.  You also cannot go wrong with the Diamond Charm, Pearl Charm or your own birthstone charm


daphne bridgerton necklace short charm necklace birthstone



Our second favorite look to achieve the Daphne Bridgerton necklace style would be sweet star charm on a 14in chain. You could so simple plain gold star or sparkly diamond star, we think either would be grande my dear. 

star necklace choker


And last but certainly not least, a spin on the look with a modern classic, the diamond solitaire necklace worn as a choker. We think Daphne would approve. Plus it would absolutely dazzle on Phoebe Dynevor as well, right?

diamond choker necklace Daphne Bridgerton


And not to be over looked are Ms. Bridgerton's earrings, it seems when she is not at a ball, she is most likely to be seen where her everyday diamond earrings. A girl just like us, in something similar to Starling's Diamond Birthstone Earrings. Our version of the perfect everyday diamond earrings. Quite ravishing my darling. 


daphne Bridgerton earrings  simple diamond stud earrings



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