Pick A Ring for Penelope

As we anxiously wait for the next batch of Bridgerton episodes to drop, we’re daydreaming of what Penelope’s engagement ring could look like.
Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!



The Diamond Flower Ring

Our Diamond Flower Ring flawlessly blends vintage and modern design, perfect for Penelope and her ahead-of-her-time wit. She’ll have to name herself the diamond of the season in the next issue of Lady WhistleDown once the Ton sees the sparkle of these 9 round diamonds. As Lord Debling prepares to propose to Penelope, we think this flower arrangement of 9 round diamonds can serve as a nod to his admiration for nature.


The Emerald Solitaire Ring

We think this classic emerald solitaire engagement ring would perfectly compliment Penelope’s new found confidence as she explores a darker, bolder color palette throughout this season. As we know, emeralds are Queen Charlotte’s favorite stone and this emerald solitaire ring will be sure to wow Her Majesty and the Ton.


The Petal Pearl Ring

In hopes that Colin Bridgerton proposes to Penelope, we believe he will follow his brother, Anthony, and the Duke’s lead and do so with a pearl ring. Penelope can match her sister in laws, Daphne and Kate, with her very own pearl engagement ring. Our petal pearl ring is a one-of-a-kind, timeless piece that is sure to be the talk of the Ton.


 The Aquamarine Diamond Three Stone Ring

As the competition for Penelope’s hand in marriage increases, her future husband must win her over with an extraordinary proposal. There’s no better way than with our one-of-a-kind aquamarine and diamond three stone ring. Her future husband can really prove that she doesn’t have to be named the diamond of the season to have two diamonds and an aqua.


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