5 Tips for Creating and Designing a Custom Engagement Ring with BRIDES Magazine

5 Tips for Creating and Designing a Custom Engagement Ring with BRIDES Magazine

BRIDES Magazine sits down with our founder and CEO, Chelsey Bartrum, to discuss how to create a custom engagement ring and her five tips on the process.

Creating your own custom engagement ring can be daunting. Between stone cut and clarity, setting styles, metal types, and prices, it feels like you have to take a crash course on jewelry design and gemology to even understand the process. This is why finding and working with a reputable designer is so important. You want to trust the designer, and they should be hands on in guiding you through the process. So where do you start? Read on to see what Chelsey has to say about creating your custom engagement ring.

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5 Tips for Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

1. Get an idea of what you want before talking with a jeweler. Put together some reference photos or notes on what you have in mind, as going in with no direction makes it harder for the jeweler to come up with something you'll love. Check out different images of stones, settings, and metals to select examples you want to show to the jeweler.

2. Find your designer. "Once you have a bit of an idea of what you want— maybe you have tried a few styles on, gone to a handful of jewelry stores, seen different designs and know the direction you want, then it’s a good time to start talking to designers and jewelers," suggests Bartrum.

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3. Set your budget and timeline with the jeweler. Knowing how long things take is important to many people when planning out a proposal. As well, knowing your budget and limits is crucial to talk about right off the bat with your jeweler. "When I work with custom clients, we first establish a budget and any timeline goals," Bartrum adds.

4. Understand the designer's aesthetic. Not all jewelers are the same, and everyone has a unique style. And you don't want to ask a jeweler to copy or replicate another completely different design style. "We also chat about initial design ideas to make sure that we are a good fit to work together," Bartrum says. Show them any examples of stones or rings you like to make sure they are aligned with your vision.

5. Know the designers education and experience. Bartrum notes that "the cherry on top would be making sure they have a graduate gemology or G.G. degree from GIA, which means they have taken the time to study diamonds and gemstones and have the knowledge to guide you through the stone buying process." 

Head to BRIDES to see their full guide on creating custom engagement rings! Thank you Cristina from BRIDES for the write up! 

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