"To me, a keepsake is something that was given or passed down from someone special in your life."

Meet our new virtual BFF, Sara Tan! A master of words and beauty, Sara hones her talents as the host of podcast Gloss Angeles, beauty director at Refinery29, and creates content for SwearBy. On top of all that, she is a new mama to baby Zoe, born last September! Sara chatted with us about all things motherhood and jewelry as she captured some sweet shots of her and Zoe in their matching Mama & Mini Diamond Bracelet Set. Keep reading to hear all about Sara's motherhood journey and her favorite jewelry.


This is your first baby! Congratulations! What are the current highs and lows of motherhood?

There are too many highs! Endless highs! Her gorgeous, gummy smile. Her brave, curious spirit. Her rolly thighs! The way she looks at me. The sweet moment when she falls asleep in my arms.

Ah, the lows. The exhaustion, the endless worrying, the doubting myself, the hormones, my aching back, and the fact that I had to experience pregnancy and first-time motherhood during a global pandemic.

How old is Zoe and why did you feel this was the best time to give her a matching bracelet? 

Zoe will be six months old on March 18. Well, most obviously, a bracelet can finally fit her little wrist! While she is rather tiny, in Chinese tradition, babies are given jewelry as gifts upon birth, including gold bracelets, so this is like my little gift to her — and it's even more meaningful because we get to match! Every time I look at my bracelet, I think of her. I hope she'll do the same as she gets older.

What are your everyday pieces of jewelry?

I wear two necklaces — one that says Zoe and one that says Ollie (my dog son). I wear my jade bracelet, another gold bracelet, and my new Staple Bracelet from Starling. I have a few piercings in each ear — a few diamond studs and two tiny gold hoops.

Any jewelry superstitions or rituals?

Only with my jade bracelet — once it breaks, that means it's done its job of protecting me!

What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes?

To me, a keepsake is something that was given or passed down from someone special in your life. My mom is big on jewelry as keepsakes. It's her favorite thing to gift. For every holiday — Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc. — she has given me a piece of jewelry. Every time I wear it, I think of her.


What’s your favorite Starling piece?

The Mama & Mini Diamond matching set, of course!


Tell us the story of getting your ears pierced!

           I can't even remember because I got my ears pierced when I was a baby! I'm considering doing the same for Zoe, when it's safe. 

Thank you Sara for chatting with us and taking these adorable pictures of you and Zoe in the Mama & Mini Set!

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