Mia Rigden & Julie Van Daele

Mia Rigden & Julie Van Daele

Mia Ridgen and Julie Van Daele are two entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles, making waves in their respective industries-- health and wellness for the former, interior design for the latter. The pair, who are close friends, chatted with us here at Starling about all things jewelry, from their first pieces to first piercings! Follow them on Instagram at @the_rasa_life and @well_received to keep up with all the amazing things they do.



What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes?

Julie: The ring my grandmother gave to me when I was 13 and the watch my dad gave me at 25 after I had endured a terrible bike accident and had a really hard year.  A keepsake to me is a gift given that is timeless and carries an incredible amount of depth, personal touch, and/or a super personal story with it.

Mia:  Of course, I appreciate a beautiful piece, but I think the sentiment is more important. I like thoughtful jewelry that reminds of a time, place or person. I’ll keep a woven friendship bracelet forever if it’s tied to a good memory.


Aside from your engagement ring what is your favorite piece of jewelry and why? Or top three if you really can’t pick just one! Tell us about when you got it? 

Julie: I have a Suzanne Kalan baguette ring that was gifted to me by my husband and it was TRULY such a surprise. I wear it every day and every time I look at it, I am reminded of my husband's thoughtfulness

My second favorite piece of jewelry is a Roberto Coin necklace that was gifted to me when I had my son Van, from a dear friend of ours. I sadly lost it a few weeks ago, but I loved it because no matter where I went, I felt that I had my son with me.

Mia: My grandmother’s daisy ring! I’ve loved this ring since I was a little girl. It was originally an antique stick pin that my uncle had made into a ring. There’s a canary diamond in the middle with diamond petals around it. My grandmother gave it to me before she passed away. She had 7 daughters and 5 granddaughters, so I feel really lucky to have it.

My gold coin pendant. My dad bought me this gold coin when I was a baby, and I wasn’t allowed to wear it until I was 16. Like any teenager (and much to my father’s disappointment), when I turned 16, I decided I didn’t like gold and wasn’t that into it. 18 years later, I wear mostly gold, including this coin pendant.


What are your everyday pieces of jewelry? 

Julie: My wedding ring, which to this day is still my favorite piece of jewelry EVER… my wedding bands, the Suzanne Kalan baguette ring. A gold bar earring a friend of mine made for me 7 years ago and my Rolex watch that was gifted to me by my dad when I turned 25.

Mia: Without fail, I always wear my engagement ring and wedding band, my Starling little gold band, and a Spinelli Kilcollin ring on my right middle finger. I always wear my watch and Ozzie bracelet, a nameplate necklace, and some huggies in my ears that I got at 14 Karats ;). I have a Dorsey chunky gold necklace that I have been wearing a lot recently as well.


Tell us the story of getting your ear’s pierced? If they aren't pierced, why not?

 Julie: When I first got my ears pierced, it was at the local mall at Claire’s haha… I remember it hurt really bad, but I wanted them so bad, so I didn’t complain. 

Mia: I think it was at Claire’s. I was young. I don’t even remember, but I have an irrational fear of needles, so I am sure I made a scene.


What’s your favorite Starling piece?

Julie:  The compass charm necklaces are beautiful as is the Blair Round Charm. I like them because they hold personal meaning to them.

Mia: I love the Colette thin full pavé band stacked with the little gold band I was wearing in the shoot. So chic and simple.



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