Jewelry With Baby Names

Jewelry With Baby Names



New Moms, New Jewelry!


Jewelry in honor of a new baby is one of our favorite things! As a new mom myself I have thought a lot about what piece (or pieces ;) I wanted to wear to represent my baby girl and keep her close to my heart always. In picking out the pieces I wanted for myself I considered a few things. First, how wearable and durable would it be with a busy, grabby little one? I like pieces I can put on and wear for days or years. Second, would I be able to pass it on one day to my girl? I wanted styles that would stand the test of time and hopefully my girl will love to wear one day too. And last, how it signifies my baby to me. My favorite pics are personalized pieces, birthstones and matching mama & baby jewelry. Want to see them all? Keep reading!


baby diamond bracelet
chelsey bartrum starling jewelry 

Personalized Pieces For Mom


Jewelry is already so personal, you wear it against your skin all day and night. So personalizing it with a special name or date is the extra detail that turn a nice piece into an heirloom you wear always and eventually pass on. I already have two Round Charms with my dog's initial and my wedding date, so I could add to that. When my sister had her daughter I got her the custom name necklace with her baby's name Kenzie and she loves that piece, 4 years later she still wears it everyday. For me I've been wanting a signet ring and love the double engraved signet. I plan on getting AB engraved on a yellow gold signet ring for my next mom piece. All of these pieces are perfect jewelry for baby names. 


custom name necklace for mom engraved signet ring

Birthstones Jewelry For Mom


I love birthstones, mostly because I love colorful gems but also because I've always felt a strong connection to my own birthstone Emerald. In fact my engagement ring is an emerald :) I didn't always think mixing birthstones was cool. I remember one of the first pieces I made for my mom, she wanted a ring with a diamond and my birthstone and my sisters on either side. Mine an emerald and my sisters a peridot, I thought ugh that's going to clash with the 2 different greens and she insisted no it's for my two girls and I love it. I totally get it now, but if birthstones aren't for you I also understand. And if that is the case my favorite piece and also a piece that was inspired by my mom is the Baby Birthstone Ring Charm. I love this charm not only because it's sweet and sentimental but also because you can wear it on any necklace you already own and layer several Baby Birthstone Ring Charms over time and the birthstones hang down, so the different colors are not as visible. The piece I wear for my daughter is the Compass Charm. I actually had this made as soon as we found out about our daughter and have worn it ever since. There is a birthstone stone for me, my husband and our daughter. My two other favorite birthstone pieces are the thin pave ring and the birthstone bracelet. 


baby birthstone ring charm starling jewelry
new mom jewelry


Matching Jewelry For Mom & Baby


 Matching bracelets for mother and daughter are the product that we first developed for Starling 5 years ago. I have been waiting that whole time to have a baby that I could wear matching bracelets with! The original concept of the mother daughter bracelets was to make a simple keepsake gift that you could wear everyday and as a little reminder of your love. My baby Asher and I have the Mama and Mini Set. The Mother Daughter Set is our original and best selling set. And the To The Moon & Back set, which represents the beloved saying "I love you to the moon and back" is so sweet. 



mama and daughter bracelet set
mother daughter bracelet sets



We look forward to making a special piece for the new mom in your life! If you have any questions or want to customize something further do not hesitate to reach out. Our email is or DM us @starling. We are here to help. XOXO Chelsey 


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