How to design a custom engagement ring?

How to design a custom engagement ring?

Did you know that we do custom engagement rings and wedding bands? 


Often clients start by asking us two questions how to design a custom ring and how much does a custom ring cost? We will answer the first question here and the second question in another blog. 


The first thing we ask clients wanting to make a custom engagement ring is: do you have any inspiration? We love when you share with us ideas you have been thinking of, other designs that sparked something for you or maybe your future spouse showed you exactly what they wanted.  If you don't have any idea what you want for a custom engagement ring that's ok, just skip down two paragraphs to read more about where to start! 




From your inspiration we then talk about center stones. We help teach you about stones and if you are going with a traditional diamond all about the 4 c's. There are a few tricks we have learned along the way to help our clients pick the best stone, at the best price for them. Finding the center stone is usually the hardest part, so if you already have a stone from a family piece of jewelry or somewhere else we love that and are happy to work with your stone. If not we also love helping you pick out the perfect stone. 

After talking about design and stones, we talk about pricing. We will go into more in depth in another blog, but just know that whatever you are comfortable spending is the perfect price. Our custom ring designs start around $1000 to $2000. Center stones can have a very wide range of pricing and usually start around $2000. We try to work within any budget. Read our blog on how much to spend on your engagement ring for more information.  



If you don't have any ideas on design for the engagement ring, it's totally ok. We like to get to know your girl (or guy) what kind of person are they, what are their hobbies, how active are they, what's their style, are they more modern or vintage, are they flashy or subtle. And if you need extra help, we suggest asking a friend of theirs chances are they may have spilled some ideas on rings they like along the way. From there we work together to come up with the perfect custom engagement ring design for you!




If you are interested in working together, yay! Reach out to us: we can't wait to make your dream custom engagement ring together! 




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