Introducing: Heirloom Revival

Introducing: Heirloom Revival

I have exciting news to share: after a lot of behind the scenes work, I am thrilled to announce the formal launch of Heirloom Revival! Heirloom Revival was founded to help you make the most of the jewelry you already own, repurposing your something old into something new. This has been a side project for years, while continuing to grow Starling, so I’m very excited to bring Heirloom Revival into the spotlight and share our new brand with you.

- Chelsey Bartrum, Founder & CEO of Starling Jewelry and Heirloom Revival

The jewelry industry relies on precious and nonrenewable materials that come from the earth. Recycling these precious resources is the most sustainable way to acquire them, and choosing recycled will help reduce global demands for mining. And because recycled metals are refined to their most pure state, their quality is as high as newly mined metals, without any of the environmental impacts. This is where Heirloom Revival comes in! 

More than half of all mined gold goes to the production of jewelry. That means that changes within our own industry can have a major impact. Especially when you consider that producing recycled metals like gold, silver and platinum emits 99.5 percent less carbon than miningEmissions aside, within the next few decades, the majority of notable diamond mines will run dry and the last diamond on earth will be mined. Luckily for us, diamonds are forever, and we already have around one trillion dollars’ worth of “used” diamonds in our homes!

Just because your diamond is forever does not mean your dated or damaged setting needs to be as well. Maybe you want to upgrade your engagement ring, celebrate a milestone, honor a loved one who has passed away, heal from bad memories associated with a piece, consolidate stones/pieces, or simply write a new story. Or maybe you just want to sell your old jewelry -- we love sourcing from our clients and will be happy to buy old gold and suitable stones from you, or you can trade them in as credit for a future revival!. We’re here to help you every step of the way.  

Things to consider before starting your revival...

Consider first what kind of piece (or pieces) you would like to design. Then, you should think about how often and in what conditions you will be wearing your revival. If your recycled heirloom is going to be facing a lot of daily wear-and-tear, you want to be sure to select a setting that will protect the diamond and won’t trap dirt easily. The only limiting factor in your design is that you will not be able to choose a different stone shape and size.

You’ll also want to consider what to do with the old setting. You can reuse the old metal for your new piece (although this is a more complicated process) or you can apply the value of the metal to the price of your new piece. If you or your family members are particularly attached to the setting and would prefer to only use the old diamond, consider saving the setting and picking out a new stone to give it a new life.


Start your revival today.

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