Engraving & Personalization 101

Engraving & Personalization 101

Engrave your reason.

One of the best ways to personalize a gift of jewelry is to have it engraved. Make any Starling piece uniquely yours (or hers/his/theirs) with our custom engraving option. We absolutely love seeing all the sweet messages our clients request and it makes us so happy to help you all share your words of love. We love these timeless little reminders you keep close to your heart! Not all pieces can be engraved, so we put together some of our favorite options for sending a sweet message to that special someone. 

So now you want to have your Starling piece engraved but don't know what to say? We've included some ideas below along with recent engravings we've done for inspiration!

- An important date

- Loved one's initials or name

- A secret message

- Special coordinates, zipcode, or location

- Nicknames

- A quote or line from a poem

Engraved Round Charm


Birth Flower Charm

Custom Engraved ID Bracelet

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