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"I think the word keepsake is interchangeable with the word sentimental or heirloom and I wear something different every day - including changing up my engagement ring.”
Jewelry blogger, Gemologist, collector of jewelry, and founder of Gem Gossip, Danielle Miele is a true jewelry aficionado and a total sweetheart.
The Nashville native is the one-woman powerhouse behind Gem Gossip, one of the first jewelry blogs out there and a go-to source for trends, vintage and designer highlights, and gemstone & jewelry education. We were thrilled to meet up with Danielle in New York City last September, to hear the stories behind her favorite pieces and learn about the significant pull jewelry has always had in her life. 
What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes? I think the word “keepsake” is interchangeable with the word “sentimental” or “heirloom.” I own several sentimental pieces of jewelry, but my most precious pieces are my grandparents’ original wedding bands from their wedding in Italy. They got married on October 21st, the same date I chose for my wedding day. The bands are inscribed on the inside with their names and the date. First jewelry memory? My first memory about jewelry is my mom's jewelry box, which was the middle part of her dresser. It opened by a cabinet door, which revealed four smaller drawers, each full of jewelry. One box had all her earrings and I remember playing with those, as well as her costume jewelry necklaces with big beads. I would pile them on and walk around the house like I was a queen. What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box? Any jewelry superstitions or rituals? The boulder opal ring that I received on my wedding day as a gift from my husband. I was always superstitious about wearing opals since I wasn't born in October, but opals are one of my favorite gemstones. I decided I wasn't going to let superstition get in my way, but I had to justify it in my mind. So I came up with my own theory, that since I got married in October and opal is October's birthstone, the special date allows me to wear opals. I found the ring at an antique jewelry store up in Pennsylvania while working on my #JewelryRoadTrip project visiting antique jewelry stores around the country. I kept thinking about the ring after I had returned home to Nashville and decided to order it. The colors of the opal are insane—it looks different in every light. What is crazy is that I gave the ring to my jeweler five days before I got married and had him remove all of the fancy curlicues surrounding the stone. It was a last-minute decision, which I am happy I made!
I wear something different every day; that includes changing up my engagement ring. Sometimes I wear it, sometimes I don't. I wrote an entire blog post about the “rules of engagement rings” which is a good read. Typically, I will always wear a few rings, some earrings (usually a matching pair of gold huggie hoops in my second and third holes), and some delicate layering necklaces
I have a Fede ring circa 1810 that I found and rescued from a scrap gold pile. It was featured in my museum curation I did with [vintage and antique house] Doyle & Doyle in 2014 featuring sentimental rings.  Here's a photo:

Late at night, I like to buy charms on eBay or Ruby Lane. Between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., nothing but trouble happens. I just bought a gumball-machine charm that has little multi-colored metal balls that are supposed to be gumballs. It is the cutest thing.
I have one very large one that I've deconstructed multiple times to make it work for me.  This usually means ripping out the necklace and bracelet racks and installing ring holders (velvet ring slots). I also own a couple of antique jewelry boxes, including one that I was recently gifted by an antique jewelry store owner when I visited her shop in Buffalo, New York.
I love so many pieces because they're simple, versatile, and perfect everyday jewels. My favorite would have to be the tiny pavé bar necklace in emerald. The emeralds just pop against the yellow gold. Although it is a delicate piece, it makes a big impact. 
The great ear-piercing debacle! I was 4 years old and begged my parents to let me get my ears pierced. I would even put stickers on my ears and stare at myself in the mirror, pretending they were pierced. The anticipation was so high that, when my parents finally let me get them pierced, I jumped as the gun pierced my lobes. I ended up with one earring lower than normal, and the other coming out of the bottom of my lobe.  My dad eventually took one out and left the other to heal. I had to rock one earring for a while, but once I got the other ear re-pierced, I was happier than ever.  I still have a gold teddy-bear stud earring that was my pride and joy back in the day. 
Thanks, Danielle!