Citrine: The Success Stone

Citrine: The Success Stone

The Success Stone

Meet November's Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine is an energizing gemstone reminiscent of the pale yellows and brownish orange hues synonymous with fall. Balanced Libra and mysterious Scorpio are the November zodiac signs to keep in mind when considering this crystal. It is also valued by those celebrating 13th and 17th anniversaries.

A Wealth of History

Dating as far back as 1385, the citrine gemstone gets its nickname “The Merchant’s Stone” from its perceived ability to attract wealth to those who possess it. Store owners historically placed pieces of citrine in their cash drawers to boost sales and executives utilize it when seeking new business ventures. We can only imagine what more our citrine jewelry can do for manifesting the non-material wealth we seek.

Chemical Composition: Perfectly Impure

Naturally occurring citrine is a product of quartz with iron impurities. Iron causes the quartz to take on a pale yellow tint - hence the name “citrine” which comes from the French word for lemon - “citron.” 

Finding citrine in its natural state is quite uncommon. Instead, the pieces we encounter in our fine jewelry collections are created by applying intense heat to amethyst or smoky quartz from Brazil. Commercially heated citrine ranges from darker yellow to reddish brown, depending on the temperature. Starling produces beautiful charms, pendants and birthstone bracelets with a reddish tint.

Mystical Properties: Clear, Calm and Collective

Citrine is said to be one of only two stones that neither absorbs nor carries negative energy. Instead, it transforms combative energy into positivity that can soothe you physically and mentally. This bountiful birthstone works around the clock to keep the wearer balanced and was even included in the same breastplates crafted for high priests in early religious traditions. 

What better way to benefit from natural crystals in your daily life than by wearing the sustainably-sourced, luxury birthstones handcrafted by the skilled gemologists and metalsmiths here in Los Angeles? 

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