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The Mini Bespoke Peridot Ring is a one-of-a-kind ring crafted just for you in in a setting and size of your choice. Choose between one of three Peridot stones, ranging from 1.34ct to 1.47ct. Rings are available only in 14k Yellow Gold.

1.34ct Mini Peridot: SOLD! An enticing oval cut gem, with a vibrant hue of refreshing greens, mirroring a serene meadow in the heart of spring.

1.47ct Mini Peridot: This gem, with an elegant emerald cut, flaunts a spectrum of lush greens, reminiscent of a shaded forest, tranquil and soothing.

1.45ct Mini Peridot: SOLD! A charming oval cut gem, displaying a harmonious blend of bright and earthy greens, a testament to the beauty of a thriving countryside.

Peridot is the birthstone of August. Egyptians call it the “Gem of the Sun” because of how it glowed in the light. Peridot has been prized for over 4000 years as a symbol of good luck, peace and protection.

Ring is made to fit you - if you don’t know your ring size, select “I Don’t Know” as a size option and we will ship you a free ring sizer before making.

After ordering you will receive a 3D CAD design of your ring within 5-10 business days, before we make the final ring. Bespoke rings take 6-8 weeks to make.

Complimentary 2-Day UPS Shipping included.


1.34ct Oval Cut: 8.9mm x 7.2mm x 3.9mm d
1.45 Oval Cut: 6.09mm x 7.80mm, 4.12d
1.47 Emerald Cut: 8.6mm x 6.6mm x 3.5mm d


1.34 Oval Cut Peridot
1.45 Oval Cut Peridot
1.47 Emerald Cut Peridot


4-8g 14k Yellow Gold


Since gemstones like rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, tourmalines and other stones originate from a wide variety of raw materials with different hardness and durability. Despite the wide range of raw materials, there are some basic rules that apply to the majority of gemstone jewelry items. The biggest rule for gemstone jewelry is to avoid hot water and chemicals like chlorine, bleach, ammonia and hair spray. Many colored stones are sensitive to high heats and/or can be unknowingly treated which will react with heat and chemicals.


Shipping Policy:

- Free USPS (5 business days) shipping on domestic orders $200+  

- International shipping available to select countries!

- Orders over $200 require signature for delivery.

- Most of our pieces are handmade to order just for you. Our stock pieces usually take 1-2 weeks to make. Any order with engraving or personalized stone arrangements usually take 2-3 weeks to make. Bespoke Gems and custom orders typically take 6-8 weeks before shipping.

Rush orders or in stock items may ship faster, please email for availability.  

Return Policy:

- All engraved or custom pieces, bespoke gems, one of a kind pieces, compass charms, sample sale or international orders are final sale.

- 14-Day Returns/Exchanges For Domestic Orders ($10 return shipping fee)

For more detailed information on our shipping & returns policy, click here!

We are proud to say all of our jewelry is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. Every little detail is done by hand, from refining old gold pieces, reclaiming diamonds, sketching, creating 3D CADs, printing wax models, making molds, lost wax casting with our recycled 14k gold, tumbling the metal casting, sanding, soldering, polishing, setting, engraving and finishing. Each piece is handled with care as it arrives to you, including folding every box, tying every ribbon, and shipping with services we trust.
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