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The Success Stone

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Known as both the “Healing Quartz” for its ability to soothe and the “Success Stone” for symbolizing happiness and vitality

Reminiscent of fall’s pale yellows and brownish orange hues, Citrine is one of November’s captivating birthstone. Known as both the “Healing Quartz” for its ability to soothe and the “Success Stone” for symbolizing happiness and vitality, the birthstone continues to mesmerize with its golden hues. And while Citrine is a popular gemstone in modern designs, it has been admired since centuries past, with the name citrine used to refer to the bright gems as early as 1385.

As we are ever-enchanted by Citrine, and it always gives us joy to see customers connect with the golden November birthstone. For any November birthdays, holiday gifts, or treats for yourself, you can shop our Citrine page. The Olive Birthstone Charm always provides a droplet of sunshine into any jewelbox. The Olive Double Stone Bracelet also provides a sweet reminder of the gemstone’s mystic qualities of peace and manifestation. Learn More about Citrine below!

History of the November Birthstone

Throughout history, people believed that citrine carried the power to calm tempers, soothe anger and manifest desires, especially prosperity. To utilize the gemstone’s powers, Egyptians used citrine gems as talismans, the ancient Greeks carved iconic images into them, and Roman priests fashioned them into rings (American Gem Society).

Later in the 17th century, Queen Victoria took interest in the gemstone’s magnetic beauty and issued it to be used by Scottish men in kilt pins, shoulder broaches, and to adorn their swords and the handles of their daggers. The stone’s popularity resurged again during the Art Deco era, as early Hollywood stars boasted citrine jewelry such as elaborate brooches, grand necklaces and other pieces where large faceted citrine was the centerpiece.


The Citrine’s Unique Composition & Mystic Qualities

Pale yellow to a brownish hue, citrine is a transparent quartz composed of silicon dioxide. While its crystal system gives citrine its trigonal cellular shape, its yellow tint comes from iron. Citrine is found in igneous rocks, as the result of intense heat, and metamorphic rocks, such as granite.

And this bright gemstone is believed to hold a multitude of mystical properties. Earlier, we touched on its name, “The Success Stone” as the citrine properties of wealth and abundance are some of its most well known. If seeking abundance in financial or business ventures, it has been selected as the ideal aid in the manifestation. Other citrine properties are linked to the creative process. Whether natural or heated, citrine is said to activate the imagination through the second, third and sixth chakras. This is thought to help enhance mental clarity and allow for the flow of ideas and visualizing. Especially when used in meditation, this citrine property is very effective in strengthening mental output and establishing goals. So whether you’re looking to bring an idea to life or simply tap into your imagination, Citrine might be the perfect gemstone for you.