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Solid Gold vs Gold Dipped

Materials & Industry Solid Gold vs Gold DippedLearn the difference and how to care for each



What's the difference between solid gold and gold dipped? And how do you care for each?

We wanted to give you a little lesson in the difference between these options and how to care for each! 


14 Karat Gold (or 14K)

Pure gold is 24 karat meaning 100% gold with no other metals or alloys added. 14k gold is 14 parts of 24 parts gold and 10 parts other alloys or 58.5% pure gold. This is why 14k gold is sometimes stamped 585. The metals that make up the other 10 parts or 41.5% depend on the color gold, yellow, white or rose. Yellow and rose gold often have copper and sterling silver. Rose gold has more copper, making it more pinkish. White gold often has nickel, zinc and sterling silver. 

14k gold can last a lifetime and become an heirloom piece of jewelry. Pure gold does not tarnish, but the additional metals in 14k gold can tarnish mildly over time. There are some chemicals like chlorine and abrasive acids that can damage gold. We recommend removing your 14k gold jewelry when swimming in chlorine or using cleaning products.

You can easily revive 14k gold to the original luster by cleaning with a soft brush (we use a toothbrush) and an organic cleaning spray (like Simple Green), when done rinse with warm water and air dry. Afterwards polish with a soft jewelry polishing cloth.


Gold-Dipped Silver (or Vermeil) 

Sterling silver dipped in gold or plated is also known as vermeil. Regular gold-plated jewelry is not sterling silver under the gold, but a base metal such as brass or steel. To make gold dipped jewelry, a thin layer of gold adheres to the silver through an electroplating bath. It is a good option for those who like the look of gold but are working on a budget. The gold dip can wear off overtime and tarnish. It is important keep these pieces dry and away from perfumes, lotions and sweat. Those with high Ph skin will also have their gold dipped piece’s tarnish quicker. Below is a list of ways to prolong the life of your gold dipped jewelry:

  • Do not let your gold dipped jewelry come in contact with perfume, lotion, hairspray, sunscreen, nail polish, oils or chlorine. Remove before using any of these items or similar items.

  • Remove before sweating, swimming, showering or hot tubs. Keep gold dipped jewelry as dry as possible.

  • Gentle clean with a soft jewelry cloth or cotton ball after every use.

  • Don’t use harsh jewelry cleaners or soaps to clean.

  • Avoid scratches by storing in the original box and away from other items.

If you have been loving your gold dipped piece and it has tarnished it is possible to have us re-plate and bring back to it’s original look. Email us for more info: