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Samantha Gustadt

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When I think of a keepsake I immediately think of any piece of jewelry I can attach a fond memory too, or a piece someone in my family has a memory attached too that was passed down to me.

Samantha Gutstadt is an actress, tv host and mama bear to two sweet boys. When she's not hosting an award show, appearing in one of the new scripted comedy shows she just sold, or creating content for Nylon Magazine, she is making us laugh, blogging at SamSoMuch. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sam and her family now live in Venice, California. We meet Sam at a kids shopping event last year and immediately loved her! Her collection of jewels are sentimental family heirlooms, big fun earrings, bracelets to ward off evil spirits and you have to see her mom's killer 80's belt collection! 

What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes? 

When I think of a keepsake I immediately think of any piece of jewelry I can attach a fond memory too, or a piece someone in my family has a memory attached too that was passed down to me. One piece particularly that comes to mind is a necklace my dad’s mother made for me and all her granddaughters. She saved diamonds from her original engagement ring that my late grandfather gave her and used the stones in heart shaped necklaces she gave to each of us made with platinum metal. I love it and I love the history attached to it and the way it connects all the women on that side of my family.


First Jewelry Memory?

My moms jewelry box for sure! My mom had this amazing, spacious vanity area in our house, and her and my dad would get dressed up on Saturday nights for their date night. I loved watching her put on her glamorous oversized shoulder padded outfits and her fun real and costume jewelry. She mixed the two in a way that was so fun to watch. I have a vivid memory of her oversized clip on earings, she had so many pairs but one in particular reminded me of what pirates should have in their treasure chests. They clanged when she walked and I would always try them on, but they weighed so much they would slide right off my little 7 year old ears. I wonder if she still has them…


What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box?

My engagement ring - it’s gorgeous and my husband picked it all on his own. I was 24 and he was 26 and he surprised me on a cliff during a dinner in Sagres Portugal - I truly treasure it. I can still remember the feeling I had the first time he put it on my finger every time I wear it.

I am so in love with my Soucie Tassel earrings I got at Show Me Your Mumu, I have them in two colours.

I have a fun infinity ring from Bauble Bar in rose gold that everyone thinks is adorned with real diamonds! I get so many compliments on it and wear it regularly. The piece has an edgy-ness to it that goes with my style. 


Any jewelry superstitions or rituals? 

Oh my goodness, yes! Growing up with European Jewish parents, superstition runs deep. Ever since I could remember my mother was tying red bands around mine and my brother’s wrists to ward off “evil spirits”. For real. When I was pregnant with my first son, my mom, as she does, tied a red string around my wrist and later around my son’s stroller and crib. I guess I have adopted my own version of this tradition, and wear two red bracelets on my wrist, one was a gift and is red beads and the other is a red string version. I never take them off, apparently they have to “fall off”.

What are your everyday pieces of jewelry?

I love a big hoop earring to dress up any outfit or wear with jeans and T-shirt

I wear my eternity diamond wedding band in platinum with diamonds going all the way around

I wear my My Intent bracelet daily that has my intention inscribed on it - “Gratitude”. It’s a great reminder for me and almost feels like a tattoo on my wrist that I can look down at anytime I need it.


Any favorite antique pieces?

- I truly don’t have a lot of antique pieces. My mom’s mother gave me a few pieces however, one is an antique locket that is beautiful.


What jewelry have you bought recently?

I recently bought a pair of tassel earrings at Show Me Your Mumu by a designer called Soucie Tassles. I also recently received diamond earrings in an oval shaped hoop for my wedding anniversary/birthday and I just got my BFF Friendship bracelet from Starling which is so delicate and pretty and every purchase supports Girl Who Code which is super awesome! 


How many jewelry boxes do you own?  

 - Back in Canada I have the most beautiful jewelry boxes. I keep them at my parents house but never brought them on my move to LA. Out of necessity to save space in each place we rented when we first moved here, I started to organize my jewelry in hanging jewelry divisors and I have two of them still currently hanging in my closet filled with jewels of years passed. I have a tiny jewelry box in my bathroom where I keep my expensive pieces and I have a hanging jewelry tree where I keep everyday pieces like necklaces, bracelets and earings. I then have two clear, very boring boxes from the container store filled with occasional pieces. I try to have a system but I end of forgetting about pieces I treasure that are hiding out of sight. 


Favorite Starling design? 

 I love ALL of Starting’s designs but if I have to just pick one - I love the Colette Alternating Pavé band.  I would stack a few in different stones and metals. It’s the perfect mix of feminine and delicate but also feels a little rock and roll at the same time. 

Tell us the story of getting your ears pierced!

 Oh boy, it is definitely a story! So when I was about 6 or 7 I really really wanted to get my ears pierced and my mom took me to our family friend who is also a doctor. At his office he had the staple gun to do it. He lined it all up and made marks on my ears to make it even. He did the first one really quick and then the pain and fear set in and I refused to let him do the second one. After a lot of convincing (and trying to rationalize with me that I was halfway there) he lined up the piercer to do ear #2 and I moved and it was totally uneven. 6 months later I went to Claire’s at the mall with my mom and they “fixed” that one which resulted in me having two holes right next to each other. So basically I was on the forefront of double piercing before it became a thing. 


Thank you Sam!!