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Danielle Prescod

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I try to turn everything into a “keepsake”. My parents gave me a necklace when I was 7 or 8. They told me not to lose it. It was the first time I can remember being told that an object was special and valuable. I still have it!

Fashion Editor and Stylist, Danielle Prescod works with Elle, InStyle, ManRepeller, and BET to name a few. It's no surprise Danielle has perfected how to layer her many jewels with ease and without be overwhelming or that she came up with a genius new look, turning the Olive Necklace into an Olive Choker (hint: buy the 14in length). We love this lady who appreciates her blessings, has her dog's name inscribed on a charm and wears an awesome litte gold fly bracelet!

What does “keepsake” mean to you? What piece of jewelry comes to mind when you think of keepsakes? 

I am a borderline hoarder so this is a complicated question. I try to turn everything into a “keepsake”.

First memory of jewelry?

My parents gave me a necklace when I was 7 or 8. It was a gold chain with pointe shoes as a charm because I took ballet class. They told me not to lose it. It was the first time I can remember being told that an object was special and valuable. I still have it! 

What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box?

I have to pick a top three since I have so much jewelry, I can’t pick a favorite. My first favorite is a Sydney Evans “blessed” necklace that I got after I saw it at Dash, yes the Kardashian store with one of my best friends, Sally. She has one too. Someone always asks me, “does your necklace say ‘blessed’” and the answer is ‘“obviously” because I am. My second favorite piece is a bracelet from Delfina Delettrez. It is a little fly charm on a gold bangle. I love it because at the time, everyone was buying her cute little arrows and hearts and I was, no I want the fly. It is a little grotesque and I am the only girl I know that owns it. I guess that makes me a fly girl. My third favorite piece of jewelry is probably a necklace that was made for me by Sarah Chloe. They asked if I wanted my “kids” names on it or my own and I don’t have kids so I had them make it with my dog’s name and my name. It's a little extra but its cool. 

Any jewelry superstitions or rituals?

I have 9 ear piercings and I like to change them out for each season. I think it’s bad juju to have them in for the entire year so I wait for the seasons to chance and then I switch up my earring combos. 

What are your everyday pieces of jewelry?

I switch up my jewelry a lot but I try to only have one story going on at a time. That means that I am only wearing rings, only earrings or only bracelets or necklaces at any given time. If I wore everything at once it would be so overwhelming. So right now I am into rings and everyday I am wearing a Sarah Chloe ring with my initial and a diamond and a tiny solitaire diamond ring from Starling. In the summer I usually wear more bracelets. When the outfit calls for it, that’s when I pile on necklaces or earrings.

Any favorite antique pieces?

My oldest piece of jewelry is a gold necklace with rubies that my aunt gave me for my twelfth or thirteenth birthday. I still wear it all the time. Ruby is my birthstone so I really love it.

What jewelry have you bought recently?

My most recent piece of jewelry is a pair of Jennifer Fisher earrings I bought over the summer. 

How Many Jewelry boxes do you own?

I have one main, very messy jewelry box and then several other places where jewelry is stored throughout my apartment.

Favorite Starling Design?

My favorite startling piece is the white diamond Colette Pave ring. It’s so pretty and simple. Definitely something that you can wear everyday but is still special. 

Tell us the story of getting your ear’s pierced!

Which piercing? Ok well, my first piercing happened in the 3rd grade. Not sure why but my parents wanted ear piercing to be special. Therefore, the whole fam, including my grandma went to the mall. We got pierced at one of those stands with a gun. I can’t even remember it hurting. I don’t think it did. I have a high threshold for pain. We got to go to Friendly’s after and we definitely had ice cream. It’s a very happy memory. 


Thanks Danielle!  


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