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Christy Carlson Romano

Starling DarlingsChristy Carlson RomanoActress and Director



When I think of what a Keepsake means I think of the word 'legacy'. Things that are handed down for generations that hold more and more meaning over the years.

Christy Carlson Romano is a singer, actress and director, best known for playing Ren Stevens on Even Stevens and the voice of Kim Possible. Today Christy is a wife and mom to Isabella and continues to act, sing and direct. We have been big fans of Christy's since watching her on the Disney channel and hello, Cutting Edge 2! So needless to say we were so excited when she reached out and said she loved Starling too. We loved getting to know Christy, she is as sweet as can be, a hardworking, down-to-earth mom just trying to juggle it all. Her collection of personal keepsakes are so dear, just wait until you see her charm bracelet! 

What does “keepsake” mean to you?

When I think of what a Keepsake means I think of the word 'legacy'. Things that are handed down for generations that hold more and more meaning over the years - even if the jewelry is scratched.  Every flaw only makes the piece more beautiful.


First jewelry memory? 

 My mom's gold wedding band. I learned from her that something can be so simple and priceless.


What is your favorite piece in your jewelry box?

Honestly - I know it sounds cheesy but my engagement ring. My hubby proposed on a gondola in Venice, Italy. He had been hospitalized on the trip so when he pulled through for the proposal I was completely surprised! 


Any jewelry superstitions or rituals? 

I keep my ring in a frame I DIY'd right by the sink when I do dishes. Sometimes I am scared it will fall in the sink! But luckily the frame works wonders.

What are your everyday pieces of jewelry?

Some pearl earrings, my ring, and Starling bracelet. Recently was sent some necklaces that have my daughter’s birthstone as the charm including her initial. I have started wearing those and gone full mom mode. 


Any favorite antique pieces?

My grandmother's brooches. Not sure of all the stories but I like to think she wore these when she wanted to feel beautiful. They are my connection to her, because I didn't really know her when she was alive. And my own vintage pieces are my charm bracelets, my mom started collecting for me as a child. I travelled a lot performing and everywhere we went she got me a charm. They are packed with memories and I can’t wait to share them with Isabella. 


What jewelry have you bought recently?

Honestly - haven't had a ton of time to shop. I am LOVING my Starling bracelet. I never take it off. 


How many jewelry boxes do you own?  

One large leather one and many small ones! Chunky bracelets are in a hanging organizer. But nicer things are in the leather jewelry box. And we just got a classic spinning ballerina one for Isabella! 


Favorite Starling design? 

My Mother Daughter Bracelet Set! I wear my bracelet everyday and Isabella's is tucked away for when she's a little older.

Tell us the story of getting your ears pierced!

I had to get my ears pierced for my wedding - they closed twice! My mother doesn't wear earrings and I never got them pierced as a child. 


Thank you Christy and Isabella!


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