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Traditional Retail: $240 - $770

Stone: pearl


Single pearl birthstone charm for June birthdays. Wear alone on a delicate chain or pair with your favorite charms for a personalized look. All pearls are produced within the mantle of a living shelled mollusk and form when the mollusk produces layers of nacre around an irritant inside its shell. It can happen randomly in nature or with the aid of humans. Pear-shaped and the size of a pigeon’s egg, La Peregrina is one of the most famous pearls ever found. It was owned by Philip II of Spain, Queen Mary I of England, Napoleon III, and was gifted by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. In ancient Greece, pearls were said to bring harmony to marriage, perhaps starting the time-honored tradition of brides wearing pearls down the aisle.



Single Natural White Pearl.



0.35g 14k Solid Yellow, White or Rose Gold.



5mm Round Pearl. Not recommended for unsupervised children under 3 years old. 



From diamonds to pearls, gemstones have a wide range of durability. All stones can be cleaned gently with a damp cloth and air-dried. Learn more about caring for each stone here.

14-Karat Gold:

Solid 14-karat gold can sustain daily wear and will not tarnish. Clean with an organic cleaning solution and warm water. Learn more about how to protect your jewelry here.

Sterling Silver:

Solid sterling silver can be worn daily, but it may tarnish with exposure to sun and water over time. Bring it back to its original shimmer with a silver polishing cloth. Never store wet or damp silver in a tight enclosure. Learn more about caring for silver here.

14 in. – Fits baby to child. Can fit choker length on some adults or teens.

16 in. – Teen to adult size S/M. Fits around collar bones on small to medium necks.

18 in. – Fits adult size M/L - Fits collarbones on medium to large necks, or as a longer layering necklace on small to medium necks.

Purchase a 1 or 2-inch extender to give more flexibility in wearing or for a growing baby/child.


Learn more about where and how our responsibly sourced stones are found here.

Reclaimed Metal

Starling uses reclaimed or recycled metals in its designs. Learn more about the process here.

Made in the Downtown Los Angeles

These were made by four to six American metalsmiths, paid fair wages.