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What words embody motherhood to you?

That was the question Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery asked her community to start this collaboration. The answers were funny, real and inspiring. The words the kept being repeated and resonated the most were: Forever, Brave and Complete. Words that honor motherhood, the good, the hard and the beautiful. Jacqui is a woman who epitomizes all the beauty and strength in motherhood and she put her heart into these pieces. It is our hope that one of these words resonates for you or embodies a mother you know perfectly and the necklace becomes an everyday talisman to remember your strength. Enjoy reading about the meaning behind each word along with images from our shoot with some exceptional mom friends and a whole gaggle of gorgeous children. Including Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery, Erica owner of 10.11 Makeup, Christina a planner and designer at Archive Rentals, Clarissa founder of JL Designs, photos by the lovely Amber and Kayla of Dulcet Creative and lucky us hair/makeup by Erica. We are so excited to share with you these meaningful words, as keepsake necklaces available in gold dipped silver or solid 14k gold for only a limited time from April 25 – May 25. Shop Here!

Thank you Jacqui, Erica, Clarissa, Christina, Amber, Kayla and all of the super patient kids for such a fun afternoon! Hope everyone enjoys the collection! xoxo