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Pricing & Materials

"We are the designers, manufacturers and retailers. By streamlining the process we are able to provide you timeless hand-crafted jewelry with the lowest possible markup.”

Starling prices do not have the traditional overhead and markup associated with most retail operations.

Transparency to us, means honesty and full disclosure.

At a traditional retail shop each of our products would be priced an additional 2 – 3 times higher.

Production & Manufacturing

All Starling Jewelry is made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. Our metal-smiths, stone setters and casters are 3rd and 4th generation jewelers. They are some of the best skilled artisans in Los Angeles. We have forged strong relationships with all of these men and women, over the last five years to bring you the best made jewelry. Starling pays fair American wages. Chelsey, one of the founders is a Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America. She works to get you the highest quality stones at the best price and personally inspect every stone for quality control.

The Materials

14 karat gold

Starling Jewelry is made with solid 14 karat gold. Our gold is 75% reclaimed. Fourteen karat gold is 58% pure gold and 42% additional metals, depending on the color. Adding percentages of additional metals to the pure gold is called alloying and makes the 14k gold strong and wearable for everyday jewelry. Our yellow 14k gold uses pure gold, with copper and silver. Our rose 14k gold is made with pure gold and copper. Our white 14k gold is made with pure gold, palladium and silver. 

Large-scale gold mining is a dirty and environmentally devastating process. To help save the Earth for future generations, we pledge to use as much reclaimed or recycled gold as possible. Reclaimed or recycled gold means that each piece is made using metal from previously mined gold, which has been melted down and cleaned.

sterling silver

Our Sterling Silver is the most common formula; 92.5% solid silver and 7.5% additional metals, mostly copper. Silver is mined in Mexico and Poland. When possible we use recycled silver, but since silver is the lower price metal, it is hard to find. As recycled silver becomes more prevalent we will continue to use more and more.


Starling sources it’s chains from Italy which has been a center of the jewelry trade for hundreds of years. The highest quality chain has always been Italian. We currently use machine made chains from some of best manufacturing companies in the Vincenza and Arezzo districts. 

Diamonds & Gemstones

Starling makes a big effort to buy as many stones as possible from repurposed or vintage jewelry. This way we are rehoming old stones and no mining is required. If we do buy stones, we use trusted gem dealers that we have been working with for over 10 years. We only purchase from countries that have the best regulations on ethical and fair-trade mining (places like Canada, Australia, Russia and Namibia). Mining operations in these countries do not support smuggling or fuel civil unrest. They also follow ethical and human practices for both laborers and the environment.

While the Kimberley Process is generally the blanket term for signifying "conflict-free" stones, we do not use this term. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is in dire need of re-evaluation. It does not cover fair-trade statutes and does not protect against human rights abuses or support environmental laws in the community. Read more about the Kimberly Process here and here