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What if an item breaks after 10 days and I swear it’s not my fault?

We stand by the quality of our items. If an item breaks after our 10-day return policy, please send an image of the item to We can then determine the next steps, whether it’s exchanging the item or refunding the repair cost for store credit. 

The item broke and it's totally my dog's fault or mine!

That's okay, it can probably be fixed. Send an image of the piece to, and we can determine our repair charges. Then you can decide if you want to mail it back to us or take it to your local jeweler. Shipping charges will be the customer’s responsibility. 

My ring is too big/small. Can you resize it?

Yes! First figure out what size you would like. We have a handy ring-sizing chart on the site. Then email with your information. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and timeline.