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We promote #wearalways. But there are certain times you may want to be more careful and remove jewelry while doing certain activities.

These times include:  

Strenuous activity that involves rubbing against metal, such as exercise classes or weight lifting. 
Cleaning with harsh chemicals such as bleach, especially anything with Chlorine. This can include swimming in pools and hot tubs with Chlorine, which can cause discoloring and damage to any fine jewelry. 
Activities where your hands may get extra dirty and cause build up in the jewelry (although it can usually be removed easily). Things like gardening, working with clay, cooking or using lotion/oils. 
Use extra caution with softer stones including pearls, turquoise and opals.

With any item that is silver gold-dipped it is important to remove before getting wet, using lotions or perfumes. As these can cause items to tarnish quickly. 


If your jewelry becomes dull or dirty, we recommend using a soft brush (a make-up or soft toothbrush) and an organic cleaning spray or non-detergent soap. Rinse after with warm water and air dry. You can also use a lint-free jewelry polishing cloth. If your jewelry really needs a deep cleaning take it to your local jeweler or email us.


The best way to store your Starling jewelry is in the box you received the piece in. Any soft fabric bag or box will also do, as long as it is clean and dry.